Lee University

What We Did

  • + Deep dive
  • + Communication playbook
  • + Content creation
  • + Event amplification
  • + Social coaching
  • + Consulting
  • + Real-time event media


2017 - present

Work Reach


Helping Lee University unify their message

Lee University was missing a social strategy across institutional departments, so they asked us to help to unify their messaging for athletics, recruiting, internal departments, student body organizations, and alumni.

Refocusing messaging

Lee wanted to refocus their social messaging to highlight that attendance and participation in their school events create valuable experiences and transform students for the better. Through our playbook process, we aligned their voice and coached them to focus on a single identity as their digital presence was managed by several users.

Capturing the moment

Lee was celebrating 100 years! We captured every aspect of the big day and unified the content with a hashtag and story guides that would stand out.

Centralizing Lee's voice

With our help, Lee University successfully moved towards the development of a social media command center powered by their students and RVRB. We were able to increase the quality of content shared, boost engagement, analyze results and affect ongoing strategy, and to create activity that directly impacts student enrollment, alumni contributions, and online reputation and reach.



Helping a down-home dairy grow