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RVRB Junior Project Lead
Seeking a well-versed Project Lead who excels at managing projects and helping create client success.

RVRB is a content agency committed to helping leaders and organizations amplify their mission with the right words and memorable content. Through content design, story, strategy, engagement, and analytics, we help our clients grow their revenue, reach, and customer activation.

Our team is lean and mean — we value learning by doing, problem-solving in our areas of expertise, and always improving. We often move quickly and produce high-quality deliverables faster than anyone in the field.

Currently, our team works remotely from the Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA areas. We travel frequently, which means you'll find us working from coffee shops, living rooms, and more often than not, on the road. Our leadership team is committed to supporting a remote team at the highest level in order to balance high levels of productivity and flexibility.


(01) Adaptable
It's not enough to be good at what you do when the conditions are ideal. We believe it takes the ability to excel even when things don't go as planned.

(02) Collaborative
We work together to get the best from each other. It's the process of us coming together for something we know is greater.

(03) Initiative
While we work together, we often move independently. If you aren't pushing forward on your own, you'll quickly fall behind.

(04) Humble
Being humble with the work we do is balancing vision with ego. Vision is the way, ego is the enemy.

(05) Hungry
Pushing for better is needed, even if it comes at the cost of breaking a few things along the way.

(06) People Smart
Working with people on our team and numerous clients means it's important to have solid EQ.

(07) Virtuous
Every project, every internal conversation, every external conversation, and every business decision will be approached with honor, excellence, and integrity.


Working in coordination with the in-house creative team, wider agency, I/Cs, agency partners, and client stakeholders - the Project Lead will lead the Agency’s client projects/events and help engage the team for each situation needed. This position will manage the agency’s production process for their assigned events/projects, from idea to execution, working in partnership with the client, creatives, sales team, and digital marketing strategists. They will also manage the budget for each project/event and negotiate with the project contributors. This position will support the creative team, project strategist, and their ideas; representing, owning, championing, and finding innovative solutions to bring the ideas to life in accordance with the project brief & accompanying scope.


The project lead producer will need elevated soft skills that inspire creativity and productivity across the team, working brilliantly with different professionals across the agency and industry — all while juggling various projects.


KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)




We are seeking a full-time role at 35-45 hours per week.

Ideal candidate would be located within two hours of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Travel will be required for events and production shoots.

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