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Bringing a second screen experience to the SEC fans


Our journey with the SEC has been nothing but wild. Switching from packed arenas in 2019 to empty ones in late 2020 and 2021 made content creation a big challenge. Relying on the power of technology to adjust amid COVID — at the Women's and Men’s basketball tournaments, our editor (Jon Bouvier) edited remotely from Chattanooga. How we did it: (1) we had a computer courtside that was connected to high-speed internet that Jon remotely logged in to (2) two videographers captured footage and uploaded the cards to that computer court-side (3) Jon edited FROM his computer in Chattanooga, but the editing was actually happening locally on the computer that was court-side. Somehow it worked brilliantly. Later in the year, we were able to bring him back in person for Baseball and Softball, which made the experience and process way more fun and a bit less stressful!

Key Successes

  • Turned around game recap within 30 minutes of game
  • Mobilized a nimble 4 person team
  • Generated FOMO for offsite fans
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North Point
North Point