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2021 Year End Review

Written by

Clark Campbell & William Vest

December 31, 2021

As the year draws to a close we are finding some time to reflect on all that has transpired here at RVRB throughout 2021. If you’re anything like us you oftentimes find yourself in a whirlwind of endless tasks, meetings, and deadlines. While these things work together, leading to something bigger (or at least we hope), sometimes we lose sight of the horizon amid of the chaos.

As a team, we’ve learned that reflection is an essential part of the growth process. The act of reflection gives us something to be proud of, as it reminds us of all the work we have put in. At RVRB, we were astounded by both the quantity and the quality of the work that our team produced this year. In the midst of exhaustion, our reflection brought joy, gratitude, hope, and energy!

If we’re honest, the high-level recap of 2021 (below) may do far more for our hearts than yours, but we sure would like to invite you into our reflective journey!

Ladies & gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts, stow any large items you may have taken out during flight, and return seat-backs and tray tables to their locked position, and prepare for a 2021 RVRB Review.

Our friends at Linq called us in Q2 for a quick product video. The next thing we know, they became a very special client to us as we partnered with them to create incredible content (video, photo, animation) and started to manage their paid media spend. The Linq team pushed our skills to the max and our creative team grew so much because of it! There are too many pieces of content to showcase, but here is one of our favorite pieces.

We’ve reached the point where Health Steps Nutrition (HSN) deserves a yearly book now! We’re entering our 3rd year of partnership with Nicole & Jason (who we’ve adopted as family). We love amplifying the work they do for their clients across the globe as they transform the lives of gym owners, families, and individuals through nutrition. Here is one of our favorite pieces of content on the road (and at home) with HSN.

Our friends at LegacyBox have created a service that over a million families enjoy every year, and they’ve grown from a garage to an Inc. 500 company in less 10 years. We were tapped to help them create tutorial videos for their customer base.

As one of the largest and most influential churches in the US, North Point Community Church engages tens of thousands of members every single week in-person and online. Our event content partnership began in the middle of the pandemic (Summer 2020) and has continued throughout 2021 at every outdoor event. We’ve helped them with messaging, content, and channel management to promote and recap each amazing experience.

Millennial Debt Foundation is a bipartisan nonprofit that shines a light on our National Debt through influential voices in government at regional events. Weston Wamp and his team host these in-person and virtual events to promote robust discussions throughout the year. As a business, we believe it is vital to live in the black, and it makes sense for government to do the same. We are proud to promote such a worthy cause.

In The Black is a project of Millennial Debt Foundation. In correlation with the MDF team, Whiteboard, Nick Macco, Adam Boeselager, and several others, we were afforded the opportunity to promote these amazing license plates to raise awareness about National Debt. Not only did we love getting to create this video, but some members of our team are now sporting these black plates in Tennessee (if you haven’t noticed, we love wearing and riding in black).

The Kim White campaign was one of the wildest rides in RVRB history, and even though it didn’t turn out the way we wanted, we have zero regrets. Through many long months and that resulted in a runoff campaign, we produced an astonishing number of videos on behalf of Kim’s campaign (in coordination with Waterhouse PR, Whiteboard, Heed PR and the KimWhite4Mayor team). We sometimes get a little emotional reflecting on this one, but we’re excited to share some of that content with you!

Equip21 is a Training Conference for over 1000 ministers and volunteers hosted by Alabama Church of God State Offices in Birmingham, AL. They asked us to virtualize their annual training event in 2021 because of the pandemic risks associated with large gatherings. We partnered with our friends a Lumentum to create a virtual event platform so that event teachers could upload their presentations and interact with virtual attendees. It was something we learned how to do often in 2020, and it carried over in to 2021 (and probably years to come).

Kingdom Advisors creates community & training for Christian financial advisors. They host an annual event that we had the opportunity to amplify, the 2021 conference was called Unparalleled. We worked closely with their team and Joseph Sojourner to give their remote viewers a fun / real-time behind the scenes look at the event.

Relentless Church was founded in Greenville, SC, but this year they launched a new location in Atlanta, GA. We were honored to partner with Pastors John and Aventer Gray to amplify their efforts in launching this new campus. It was a complex and fast-moving project that required building an Atlanta brand expression of their church from the ground up with dozens of videos, thousands of photos, and hundreds of social posts.

The Caring Place of Cleveland, TN envisions a community where everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. We were able to capture that mission with this Brandscript video that empowers the organization to be able to clearly and quickly communicate their mission for the community they serve.

Logan Thompson Law is a firm in Cleveland, TN who wanted to better communicate their work through two pieces of content: (a) a brand sales piece and (b) a narrative style ad for social and web. This was a fun lift for those on our team who often long to create longer form, narrative ads. We partnered the good folks over at Vertical Media Group to create this content.

Our journey with the SEC has been nothing but wild this year. Switching from packed arenas in 2019 to empty ones in late 2020 and Q1 2021 made content creation a big challenge. Relying on a the power of technology to adjust amid COVID — at the Women's and Men’s basketball tournaments, our editor (Jon Bouvier) edited remotely from Chattanooga. How we did it: (1) we had a computer courtside that was connected to high-speed internet that Jon remotely logged in to (2) two videographers captured footage and uploaded the cards to that computer court-side (3) Jon edited FROM his computer in Chattanooga, but the editing was actually happening locally on the computer that was court-side. Somehow it worked brilliantly. Later in the year, we were able to bring him back in person for Baseball and Softball, which made the experience and process way more fun and a bit less stressful!

The SEC also does some important work off-the-field helping student-athletes connect to future employers and careers. In coordination with Andre Dantzler at SociallyU, we were able to bring their virtual experience to a new level!

Lee University is the alma mater to many of our RVRB team and our friends. Lee has been a place of dynamic community to us for years. In 2020, while facing the rapid changes of the pandemic, we were able to partner with the Media, Marketing, and Admissions to shift their biggest recruitment event of the year into a digital experience for their students. As our partnership continued into 2021, here are a few pieces created for virtual experiences and to highlight their in-person events.

StoryBrand is an organization that is near and dear to our heart. More than that, StoryBrand is now part of the RVRB DNA. They taught us to be obsessed with messaging, clarity, customer problems, and business results OVER pretty or cool content. Now, in everything we create, we strive to approach it with a narrative mindset paired with stunning visuals. In 2019 we were afforded the opportunity to partner with them in their marketing efforts. This collection highlights some of their online events and in-person events over the last 12 months.

Tim Schurrer, former StoryBrand COO (and close friend of our team) is taking off as an author! So, when he reached out about creating content for his book launch, we naturally say YES with exuberance! This video is one of several we shot to promote his new book.

Lane and his team at Renown Cargo Trailers is an amazing friend in Douglas, GA. He helped us bring a dream to life—our very own mobile production trailer. They are a great company filled with loving people on a mission to get businesses and individuals on the move with the equipment they need. Here’s the video we made for them!

Climate Neutral is a brand with a clear mission: turn climate aspirations into action for companies. We were able to partner with Whiteboard to build this campaign video that expands upon the amazing branding work the Whiteboard team created.

Virtual Door Dealer Conference is put on by a good friend of ours, Ryan Lucia, at Aaron Overhead Doors. Not only did we get to help bring this event to life by filming, producing, and managing the content, but our very own Clark Campbell got to step in-front of the camera and help emcee the whole event.

Miami Crypto Experience was put together to provide networking opportunities to those in the crypto currency and NFT space. RVRB was brought in to show the amazing experience and good time that was had by all the attendees.

BigStuf camps provide an unrivaled experience created to inspire students to live life with Jesus. We created this opener video that not only outlined the journey these kids had been on over the prior months, but also conveyed as well as setting up the theme of the conference.

A very popular Christian brand, I Am Second, reached out to RVRB to promote a $600,000 home raffle in Franklin, TN. We worked with celebrities like NHL Star and Carrie Underwood spouse — Mike Fisher, the legend herself — Kathie Lee, NFL Coach — Jeff Fisher, and many more! It was a blast, and a family now has a huge new home in the Nashville area while benefitting two important nonprofits — I Am Second and Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Chattanooga Whiskey is a local whiskey brand in our home area of Chattanooga, TN. We have worked with them since 2019 and get to help highlight their amazing process for their fans.

G12 Hawaii is an annual event put on by Word of Life Hawaii. We partnered with them in creating the branding that set the stage for all their online and print projects for the event, which were showcased on their livestream platform and their merch store. The team at Lumentum then took the branding design and brought the platform they needed to life!

Knuckies Hoagies is an amazing sandwich franchise that started in Milton, GA. We helped them highlight the launch of their new location by capturing and broadcasting the experience on their platforms and channels.

Fetch Rewards is top #10 charting app in the app store. They wanted to effectively communicate what their app does with a “first impression” experience for new users when they first open the Fetch app for the first time. We partnered with their team to make this video that introduces new users to their product. And even better news? This is the first of many videos we have been asked to produce for this fast growing company!

Jesus Image exists to bring Jesus to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have helped them with their annual event since 2018 through videography, photography, design, ad management, content management, and more.

Every now and then, a brand approaches us with a “build from scratch” project where the brand has zero or limited presence online, and we are tapped to build something beautiful. Our friends at Presswood Construction asked us to build their website, create a marketing strategy, produce some great photo & video content, create some effective graphics, get their social media rolling, and manage their paid media. So, we partnered with our friends at Lumentum again to bring this website to life! Our very own Tessa Voccola designed the entire site and social graphics. We are super proud of her work on this!

Junto Law guides the next generation of leaders by transforming how law is delivered. They partner with ventures to help them “figure it out” when it comes to all the tricky legal processes of starting and running a business. We partnered with Shayn (Founder and Attorney) to help communicate how his firm partners with businesses.

With the rise of the Delta variant in the fall of 2021, some non-profits like Onpoint, needed to pivot back to virtual events in the fall. They reached out to RVRB to help program, develop, and produce everything from A-Z on their fall fundraiser with Bob Goff. We pre-recorded all of the content with some help from our friends at SociallyU, but aired it as if it was a fully live event. As complex as it was, it worked, and we helped OnPoint raise vital funds to keep this important organization moving!

Novonix is a fast growing battery company with a new production facility in Chattanooga, TN. Waterhouse PR asked us to produce a recap of their ribbon cutting event, which attracted local Mayors, State Representatives, U.S. Congressman, Business Leaders, and even the United State Energy Secretary — Jennifer Granholm. We love Chattanooga and we love amplifying events that put Chattanooga in the global spotlight.

Ever had an organization you dreamt of working with for years and had little hope it would ever happen? Well, for us that was YouVersionthe Bible App — which has been installed on over 500 million unique devices. One of the most downloaded apps in history! We worked in correlation with their team, as well as the The Seasons Collective, to create this music video. We are just getting started, and have several new video shoots on the books for YouVersion in 2022!

Primer is the world's first community built for curious and ambitious kids to find and explore their interests together. Their mission is to free the next generation of kids to be more ambitious, creative, and be able to think for themselves. We got to partner with them on their marketing efforts in launching their “pursuits” section of the platform.

The Johnson Group is a billion-dollar family of diverse companies ranging from hospitality to real estate development to auto-finance. We have partnered with them for 2 years to produce their Annual Partner event in Spartanburg, SC. What started as a virtual event solution and has turned in to a much larger event partnership.

Let's wrap this:

For the few of you that have stuck around to the end, we want to end this journey with some thank you’s.

First and foremost, thank you to the entire RVRB team. ALL of this is the result of your time, energy, passion, and skill. You have helped a lot of people this year.

Secondly, we would like to send a huge thank you to our clients. The trust you have placed in us not only allows us to get to do what we love, but ultimately, it allows a way to provide for ourselves and our families.

This leads us to one of the most important thank you’s — thank you to our families. You have endured many nights alone due to our travel schedules, many late evenings holding down the fort at home while your spouse finishes a job, and many hours listening to us about our projects. You are the unsung heroes that empower us to get to do what we love.

Finally, thank you to the friends and mentors that have been there along the way. While there are far too many to list by name, one set that deserves special recognition are our friends and mentors at Whiteboard. Taylor, Eric, and Josh, thank you for all that you have poured into us this year. You make us so much better.

We are so excited about what’s to come in 2022. If you need any help with achieving your 2022 goals, we would love to be a part of them.